Kew Gardens Tennis Club Bursary Application 2020

The Kew Gardens Tennis Board strongly believes in giving every young person a chance at playing tennis, realizing that tennis is an important experience in the life of a young person.  The Board is excited to offer a bursary program to help ensure that as many young people as possible have the opportunity to play tennis at Kew.  The Kew bursary is awarded based on need, the financial circumstances of the applicant and availability of program funds for all juniors under 18 years old.  Please note that while the club makes every effort to raise funds for the Kew Gardens Junior Bursary Fund, the number of bursaries awarded can be limited by financial constraints.

Please note the following:

  • Now Accepting applications
  • Bursaries will be available for all Kew Junior Programs
  • One bursary application per junior applicant
  • A committee will review all applications and notify applicants by email
  • Each junior applicant is provide a brief written explanation of the following questions with your application; Tell us about yourself? Reason for wanting Bursary? What are your plans for the future with respect to tennis?

Please print a copy, fill out and scan the complete application to: 

Attn: Bursary Committee  

Applications are reviewed by committee and awarded based on financial need, all juniors are encouraged to apply.

Application Details:  

Name of applicant________________________________________________


Home Phone______________________ Email_________________________

Birth Date (dd/mm/yy) _________/__________/____________ Name of


Financial Information:            Yearly/Household Income (please circle) Circle one:

Under 20,000    $20,000-$30,000    $30,000-$40,000    $40,000-$50,000    $50,000-$60,000 $60,000-$70,000   Over $70,000

Number of people in household:________________________________

Bursary Amount Requested:___________________________________

How much can you contribute?_________________________________

I, (Parent/Guardian)___________________________________________

confirm that the above information is true and correct.