Registration opens for all tournaments on Monday July 26!

Before registering please read ALL information seen below.


"A" Division - for players (4.0+)

"B" Division - for players (3.0 - 4.0)


Women's "A" & "B" Doubles - Monday August 9 - Sunday August 15

Men's "A" & "B" Doubles - Monday August 23 - Sunday August 29

Mixed "A" & "B" Doubles - Monday September 13 - Sunday September 19 (Deadline to register - Thursday Septmber 9th)

Mens and Women's +55 Singles Tournament - Monday September 20 - Monday September 26 (Deadline to register - Thursday Septmber 16th)

Men's and Women's "A" & "B" Singles - Monday September 27 - Sunday October 3 - (Deadline to register - Thursday Septmber 23rd)


Each tournament draw will have a maximum of 32 players or 32 teams.

***All participants must be available for the entire week***


All registrations are done online. 

Cost for Singles is $10 (plus HST) per player, per event.

Cost for Doubles is $20 (plus HST) per team, per event. 

IMPORTANT MUST READ: Only one member of the team registers and pays. If you do not have a partner DO NOT REGISTER online. Please reach out to us and let us know and we will do our best to find you a partner, however you will not be included if we are unable to find you a suitable partner or if the tournament draw is at capacity.


All matches before the quarter finals will run in the evening at the following potential times (6:00pm, 7:15pm, 8:30pm). Matches may be delayed due to extended play from prior tournament play. We ask that you please be flexible. All championships will take place on Sundays in the afternoon.

Please indicate perferred times in the 'Additional Information' section if you have time or day restrictions and we will do our best to accommodate.

If you are not available for more than 1 day during the week of your tournament selection please do not register.


- Log into your account.

- Click the link 'Register for Adult Programs'.

- Click the tab 'Tournaments'.


Only one member of the team registers and pays. Please add in your doubles partners full name into the 'ADDITIONAL INFORMATION' section or you will NOT be included in the draw.


Players/Teams must provide a new can of balls for every match with the winning team receiving the new, unopened can afterward. The Club will provide the balls for the semi-finals and finals.

There will be a maximum 10-minute warm-up, players must arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time and a 15-minute late default rule will be in effect, barring extraordinary circumstances.

All championship matches up to the quarter-finals will be the best of 3 sets, with the 3rd set being a super breaker (first to 10 - win by 2). All championship matches in the semi-finals and finals will be 3 full sets. All consolation matches (other than the semis and finals) will be an 8-game pro-set with a regular tiebreaker at 7-7.

If you no-show a match, penalites will be applied to your booking privileges.

There will be a minimum of 8 entries per category and a mazimum of 32. If the minimum is not met, some tournaments will be combined.

Players can only enter one category per tournament, meaning you cannot play in both "A" & "B" draws.

Winners in 2020 must move up a level and the DTO's and the Board reserve the right to move a player up or down a level to ensure the competitive balance of the events.

There will be a seeding committee and feedback will be given and accepted for all events.

Thank you and good luck with your matches!