• Kew Gardens Tennis Club has a dress code in effect during all club hours. All members and guests are expected to abide by the dress code at all times when on court. Failure to follow the dress code will result in the loss of playing privileges.

  • Proper tennis shoes MUST be worn on the clay courts. The clay (Har-Tru) surface is sensitive to corrugations, deep ridges, athletic shoes with a heavy tread can damage the topping. If you are unsure, please speak to the Club Manager or the court monitors. Regular athletic or jogging shoes can be worn on the hard courts

  • Proper tennis attire includes athletic apparel such as:

    • Tops:   Shirts (collared or no collar), t-shirts, tank tops

    • Bottoms:  Skirts, skorts, shorts, pants, capris and legging

    • Other:  Dresses

  • Streetwear (Denim, Cut off shorts or tops, tank tops with large armholes), and any attire with offensive wording or logos are NOT proper attire. 


All members and guests must conduct themselves in a courteous, respectful and polite manner when dealing with other members and Club staff and volunteers, both on the courts and in the clubhouse and on Club grounds.

  • Yelling, profanity and the throwing of racquets will NOT be tolerated.

  • Players must walk behind the courts and retrieve balls from other courts only during stoppages of play.

  • Out of courtesy to other players, cell phones, pagers, beepers and mp3 players should be turned off.

  • Players must remove any garbage, food, drinks, clothes, towels, cans and balls from the courts when they leave to ensure a safe and clean environment.

  • Players are asked to ensure that after playing on clay, they wipe off their shoes before entering the clubhouse.


Members must  complete the club waiver and COVID-19, pay all dues and be in good standing (no suspensions) before courts can be booked. As Club policy, Kew does not issue refunds for paid memberships.


Inline skates, skateboards, smoking and pets (with the exception of service animals) ARE NOT allowed in the clubhouse or on Club property (i.e., inside the Club fences).  These are City By-laws.  The kitchen and head pro/business office are OFF LIMITS to everyone except for the Club Monitors, Club Pros, Club staff and the current Board of Directors. 


The Club, its managers, staff, the Board of Directors and the City of Toronto are not responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen items OR for members or guests incurring injury while in the clubhouse or on Club property.  Please lock your bicycles and keep your personal property with you at all times.


Guests will be allowed in 2021. All Guests will register online. As there are still software updates to be completed, the new online Guest system will be announced as soon as possible in the next couple of weeks. 

All guests must register with the Club Manager or Court Monitor on duty, have paid online, a $10.00 (plus HST) guest fee, completed the liability waivers, and be accompanied by a member. Guests must be aged 18 and up and are allowed a maximum of 4 visits per season.


In addition to Junior programming, Kew encourages its juniors to play casually outside of instruction.  

ONLY Next Gen juniors with adult playing privileges, as directed by the Head Pro, will be allowed to book courts during adult playing times.

Family Play 

  • Who can play:  At least one regular member + up to 3 junior members (Regular members = Next Gen/Young Adult/Adult/Senior)

  • Who books:  The regular member books the court.  They add the junior member(s) using the drop down menu.   All court bookings count towards each member’s 2 revolving bookings per week.

  • Rules for Play

    • Hard courts only (Courts 6-10)

    • Orange ball or higher in use - 3 balls max on court

    • Regular member responsible for ensuring that all juniors on the court are adhering to all Kew rules and court etiquette

  • Playing Hours:

    • Monday through Saturday anytime before 7:30pm (last booking at 6:30pm)

    • Sundays 12:30-3:30pm (last booking at 2:30pm


Children are supervised by tennis instructors when taking lessons or during summer camps.  At all other times, the supervision and safety of children is the responsibility of their parents, not of Kew Gardens Tennis Club or its staff.


In line with its permit, KGTC’s hard courts are made available for general public use Sundays from 4pm - 10pm, and during holidays from 8pm -10pm.   Note that KGTC does not manage the courts during this time.  Similar to other City-run unmonitored public courts, there are rules for play posted by the City - please adhere to those rules.   The courts will be accessed via the South East gate (near Court 10).


Zero Tolerance Alcohol Policy

Kew Gardens Tennis Club (KGTC) is a city owned facility.  Only alcohol bought under permit by KGTC may be consumed on KGTC property (the property).

  • No consumption of alcohol on club premises unless the alcohol has been bought under a Special Occasion Permit.

  • No consumption of alcohol or drugs while playing and no alcohol is to be brought on court

  • No personal alcohol or illegal drugs to be brought onto the property. Anyone consuming their own alcohol or using drugs on the property will be evicted and the member will be automatically suspended from the club for one week. Suspension means NO playing privileges including representing KGTC on a team (home or away). A second offense will result in suspension from the club for the balance of the season.

  • If the court monitor believes a member is under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, that member will lose their court booking and/or will not be able to book a court.

Zero Tolerance Workplace Violence - violence will not be tolerated


Any complaints against a member or inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with by the Club Manager or Court Monitor on duty IMMEDIATELY, who has the authority to remove any member from a court or Club property. If severe enough, a letter will be sent from the Board of Directors which can result in a suspension of playing and membership privileges. See Member Code of Conduct.

KGTC Club Credit Policy


Any club credit on a member’s account will remain valid unless that member’s membership has elapsed for a period of two (2) years. After two (2) years have elapsed, the club credits will no longer be valid.

Non-Member/Non-Member Programing

Any individual who has a KGTC club credit as a non-member, will have their credit remain in effect for a period of two (2) years. After two (2) years have elapsed, the club credits will no longer be valid.