2020 Kew Membership Fee Schedule (from June 17th)



Renewing Adult (member 2019) $121.68 
Renewing Senior 65+ (member 2019) $82.14 
Renewing Adult (member 2014-2018) $142.98
Renewing Senior 65+ (member 2014-2018) $103.43
New Adult  $188.61
New Senior 65+ $149.06
Young Adult  16 - 21 $57.80
Junior under 16 $30.97

All prices exclude HST

The Junior membership fee must be paid before registering for any programs

Membership is based on your age as of April 30th of the current membership year.  Proof of Age may be requested by Staff.

Renewing members receive a discount compared to the new member rate. Members prior to 2018 are not classed as returning members, are required to pay the new member rate, and additionally do not receive the option to renew their membership before new members are admitted from the waiting list. If you are a member prior to 2018 you will need to join the waiting list.

Above prices reflect City of Toronto guidelines effective Jan 1, 2017.

Adult Membership is full for 2020. See below on how to join the waitlist.

Bank and processing fees on refunds: $10


Member credit accounts remain valid and do not expire whilst a person is a member. Credit accounts will expire when a person is not a member for two consecutive years, e.g. a credit from 2018 will expire at the end of 2020 if a person is not a member in 2019 and 2020.

Credit accounts cannot be refunded as a cash payment.

We encourage everyone to register online -

If you have any questions about membership, please contact membership@kewgardenstennis.ca

If you have any questions about your online account, please contact support@kewgardenstennis.ca


If you would like to join Kew, it is necessary to go onto our waitlist. Every adult needs to be listed separately as an individual on the waitlist – there are no family memberships. There is no waitlist for Junior and Young Adult Membership – these categories are always open.

Existing members are given the option to renew their membership each year before new members are invited to join.

To join the waitlist for 2021, please email membership@kewgardenstennis.ca. Please note;

  • your full name and email address must be provided. A separate email address must be provided for each member of one family
  • please advise if you are not a resident of the City of Toronto
  • it is your responsibility to advise Kew if you change your email address
  • we would recommend using a personal email address. Emails sent from Kew to work email addresses often go to junk/spam

There is no fee for joining the waitlist, and although the list is long and there is no certainty that places will be available in 2021, we would still recommend joining the waitlist as many people will choose not to take up a place when membership is offered to them.