• All courts must be booked online for play commencing on Saturday, April 27, 2019.
  • A dedicated PC or laptop will be made available in the clubhouse for the sole purpose of allowing members to log into their accounts and to book courts.
  • Starting at 8am daily, members can reserve courts up to 7 days in advance to play with other members or with guests. For example, on Monday at 8am, you can book a court up until the end of the following Sunday; on Tuesday at 8am, you can book for the following Monday, etc...
    To book singles, you will need two provide two names in the booking system. To book doubles, you will need to provide four names. NOTE: Sunday mornings (8am - 12 noon) are reserved solely for doubles play in the online booking system.Courts can be booked up until the hour of play. For example, if there are any unreserved courts at 3:01pm (per the website/online booking clock), those 3 - 4pm unreserved courts will no longer be “bookable” online but will be managed by the court monitors for “walk on” play. Members looking to “walk on” should speak to the court monitor who will assign any available courts on a “first come, first served” basis with the following guidelines:
    • All “walk on” players must be present once the court is considered free
    • If a singles court and a doubles court have both just finished play and would like to
      continue play as “walk ons” on a free court, priority goes to the doubles court provided
      that they have not already played two hours in a row.
    • Walk on play does not count towards a members two booking maximum as this is
      unplanned play. Court monitors will track walk ons.
  • Members can only have a maximum of 2 bookings within this rolling 1 week period (regardless of court type or whether playing singles or doubles). For example, if you have a court reserved for Tuesday 8pm and then Saturday at 2pm, you will have to wait until you have finished your Tuesday 8pm match before you can book a new reservation.
    Members can book a court for 1 hour BUT cannot be reserved for two consecutive court bookings. For example, Jane Doe playing doubles for one hour between 1-2pm will not be able to reserve another court at 12 noon or at 2pm. In addition, another member will not be able to add Jane’s name to a court at 12 noon or 2pm. However, Jane can be on a booking at 11am or 3pm provided she has the booking room to do so. If the courts are not booked before or after a member's reservation, walk ons are possible as dictated by the court monitor.
    Any “gaming” of the system that results in singles or doubles playing 2 consecutive booked
  • hours is contrary to the rules and will result in penalties. Examples of this are:

  • Any booking that does not have the same members playing as the booking shows
  • Booking two singles courts consecutively across 4 peoples names in order to play 2
    hours of doubles
  • Booking a court for singles and then making it doubles without changing the booking
  • Booking a court at, say, 9am and 11am for doubles and switching with the folks who
    booked for 8am and 10am so both groups get 2 hrs consecutively
    These examples above notwithstanding, the Board reserves the right to issue penalties to any additional scenarios used to circumvent the rules.
  • e. If playing with a guest or guests, members will be required to immediately pay a $10 fee (HST included) per guest when booking a court online. In addition to paying the fee, guests must still sign the waiver in the clubhouse before stepping on the court - the court monitor will stop play if both these requirements are not met prior to play.

  • Upon arrival at the Club, all Members must check in with the court monitor prior to proceeding onto their reserved court so please arrive at least 5 minutes before your booking.
  • Unless directed by the court monitor, members shall play on the court that they have booked online.
  • Booking after Team Matches

  • When booking a court after a scheduled Club Team match (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings currently), the completion of the team match has priority over the member’s booked court. It is a league rule that all matches be completed so members booking at court at 9pm on a league night may be adversely impacted. Members will be notified of this potential conflict when they book a court on a day where this rule applies. Members are encouraged to show up early in case the league matches finish early.
  • Should there be a rain out for a Team match, the rescheduled date may fall on a Sunday evening. In that case, courts will be booked online in advance by the court monitors and members looking to book courts directly after the rescheduled match will be notified of this potential conflict as well when they book the court.

Cancellation / No-Shows

With the convenience of online court booking comes the, there is an added responsibility for Members to use courts they have reserved.

j. Members must cancel a reservation if it will not be used. Cancellations can be made online up until 1 hour before reserved court time (i.e. reservations cannot be cancelled within one hour of reserved court time). By exception only, a reservation may be cancelled by telephone and speaking to the court monitor in person -- leaving a voice message with the Club is not acceptable. If a member has paid guest fees and needs to cancel the court, those fees will be refunded to the member’s club account only if the cancellation was at least one hour prior to the reserved court time - otherwise, the fees are forfeited to the Club.

Reservations cancelled within one hour of the reserved court time and no-shows (when no one on the court booking has shown up within 15 minutes after the reserved time) will have booking privileges immediately suspended for 7 days - no exceptions.

If you are suspended, you will receive an email notifying you of the suspension. During this period, you will not be able to log into the booking system and your name will not be available to be booked by the Club or any other member. Any existing bookings will also be cancelled.

Late Policy

Kew allows a 10 minute grace period so players who have reserved that court can arrive anytime within that 10 minute period but must check in with the court monitor prior to stepping onto their reserved court.

If only one person has checked in for a singles booking, after 10 minutes, the court will go to next members on the walk on list managed by the court monitor. If a minimum of 2 people have checked in for a doubles court, they can continue to play on their reserved court.

Inclement Weather & Courts Unplayable Policy

k. If Kew court monitors determine that courts are unplayable for any reason (courts are too wet, etc..), they will cancel the court and the member(s) will be notified via email. If the member has paid any guest fees, those will be refunded to the member’s club account.


l. Courts may not be booked using another member name without their consent and the full intention of playing a match. Members will be notified automatically via email when a court is booked in their name. Members found to be misusing or circumventing the booking policies will be penalized by the Board with a series of escalating suspensions ultimately resulting in the possible revocation of membership:

  •     1st offense: Warning
  •     2nd offense: One week suspension
  •     3rd offense: One month suspension
  •     4th offense: Permanent suspension or revocation of membership


If you have any questions, please check the FAQs first