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Program Eligibility:

  • Must be a Kew Junior member between the ages of 9 - 15

  • Demonstrates ball control across the entire singles court and must be able to sustain a full court 10-ball rally consistently

  • Must be able to overhand serve consistently to each side

  • Tennis etiquette (understands and abides by club and court rules 

  • Temperament to manage oneself on and off court at the club and interact with others respectfully

  • Juniors who wish to join the program who have not been identified through Kew competitive junior teams or the competitive performance program can request an evaluation which will be delivered on a case-by-case basis once a month. Please ensure you reach out to our Director of Tennis Operations before registering to make sure they are suitable for this option.


For the 2024 Season KNG Players will have booking privileges similar to Young Adult/Adult/Senior Membership.

Cost: $60 (PLUS HST)

Because these juniors have the ability to booked hard courts and have access to clay, there is an extra fee to upgrade the membership (similar to a Young Adult Membership). After payment, the junior will be added to the Kew member booking system. Prior to play, we will ask the junior to sign a contract ensuring they have read the Kew club rules & code of conduct and COVID-19 guidelines.


Program and Code

Code Name Age Description Note Day Time Start Date End Date Weeks Avail Spots Member Price Non-Member Price Status



    Age: 8 to 15, , , Mar. 11 to Oct. 29

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8 to 15

Mar. 11

Oct. 29



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